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Frequently Asked Questions


As a specialist Civil Engineering Contractor in Ireland, we know how to bring your project to life and our professional team is here to deliver every step of the way. Whether you have an inquiry about the logistics of a small scale project, or want to know more about how our team tackles the most complex jobs, we’re here to answer any question you may have. Check out some frequently asked ones below.

How is GDI different from its competitors?

We provide not only the construction knowledge and capabilities from a lifetime in the industry, but we also know the challenges presented throughout the life cycle of a project and provide expertise in managing the challenges from both inside and outside the construction project.

Do you provide maintenance services?

We at GDI are committed to partnering with our clients from project inception to operational handover and beyond. That commitment often results in an ongoing relationship, maintaining the infrastructure we install.

Are you knew to this industry?

GDI may be a new entrant to the market, but our staff have a lifetime in the industry. Our staffs range of expertise allows us to provide a unique service not available from others in the market. Our staff have decades of experience in Civil Engineering, rest assured you are not engaging a contractor who has no track record.

How is GDI leading innovation in Civil Engineering

GDI are at the forefront of implementing high tech solutions to our work practices. This allows us track progress, expenditure, quality and safety performance as the work get done. This allows us feed back to our clients on project KPI's in real time. This data then allows us conduct early engagement with our clients to mitigation plans can be developed early and effectively, demonstrating visible and measurable results.

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