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Meet the Team

JP Garvin


JP has over 20 years civil engineering and construction experience with extensive background in managing and directing projects with multiple stakeholder interfaces and challenging ground conditions.  He has acquired considerable knowledge of civil engineering methods and techniques on various challenging projects including extensive interface with the local authorities, emergency services and utilities.  He coordinates client interface  in a partnering manner. He has developed excellent team building and communication skills which encourage collaborative working, partnering and risk management.

michael durcan portrait.jpg

Michael Durcan


Michael is renowned for his mechanical knowledge and his ability in designing drilling applications and bespoke solutions to facilitate the drilling and piling processes. He has developed a drilling alignment system, designed drilling rigs and has worked directly with factories to customize the equipment in order to maximize efficiencies. His knowledge, experience, and creativity with bespoke solutions are a strong asset to the company. 
Michael’s diligence and passion are evident across the business where he also plays a central role in developing specialized staff, operations and scaling the business.

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